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frequently asked questions

  • Your purchase includes 1 or 3 years of Updates and Support
  • You will receive immediately an email including an Activation Key that allows to use Spatial Manager on as many computers as licenses purchased. If you prefer a single Activation Key for each computer, please contact
  • No, licenses are perpetual, but they only are valid for builds released before your Updates and Support period end date
  • There are exceptions, such as evaluation or custom time-limited licenses
  • Yes, using the deactivation/activation system. This system is designed for changing or upgrading the computer on which a license is activated, but it is not recommended or convenient for frequent transfers of a license between computers
  • In addition, there is a limitation of a maximum of 20 deactivations of a license in 1 year. If you exceed this limitation, you should contact Spatial Manager support ( so that we can review the status of your license, the period of updates/support of your license and propose you the available options
  • Download application Updates during this time period, which will include many news, improvements and fixes
  • Email support, attended directly by our technical team
  • You can renew at any time, the selected extension period will be added to the previous end date
  • If you renew before the expiration date, your new maintenance term will start on the date following the expiration date of your current maintenance. If you renew later, the new maintenance term will continue from the expiration date of your previous maintenance
  • 1-year option is only available if the current end date is active or has expired less than 1 year ago. Otherwise only 3-year option is offered
  • If the current end date has expired more than 2 years ago, the 3-year option always includes a minimum of one year of Updates and Support from the extension purchase date
  • We send out renewal reminders when your Updates and Support period is close to end
  • Some types of licenses cannot be renewed directly on the web store. Please contact to in order to renew these licenses
  • Spatial Manager applications are updated and released every 3 or 4 months
  • Most of the times, when supported CAD applications receives their official new releases, a new Spatial Manager version is also released to keep the compatibility up-to-date from the day-one
  • Standalone licenses can be activated on as many computers as the Number of seats purchased, and can be used simultaneously on any of those computers
  • Network licenses can be activated on a maximum of computers equal to 3 times the Number of seats purchased (for example, up to 9 computers for a Number of 3 seats), and can be used simultaneously on the Number of seats purchased (in the example above, up to 3 computers). Network licenses use a floating license system in the cloud and require permanent Internet access
  • Both Standalone and Network licenses allow add additional seats at any time
  • We process a personalized analysis of each case, so some types of advanced licenses are not offered directly on the web store. Please contact to indicating your needs and we will send you a customized quote
  • You will receive by e-mail a link to your invoice, just immediately after the order is completed
  • If your order comes from the European Union and you have a VAT ID, be sure to enter it during the ordering process. Once VAT ID is entered, the value added tax (VAT) will be deducted from the order total