Spatial Manager for ZWCAD - Prices

Basic edition

$259 USD

One-Time (Not recurring)

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Main Features:
  • Import spatial data in ZWCAD drawings
  • Transformation of coordinates when importing
  • Basic target layer or new target layers using a field value
  • Use field based blocks for points and centroids
  • Block parameters from field values
  • Label entities when importing
  • Batch import
  • Elevation and thickness from field values
  • Spatial filter
  • Polygon fills and transparencies
  • Access to spatial data files:
    - SHP, GPX, KML, OSM, etc. (show full list)
  • and many more...

Standard edition

$335 USD

One-Time (Not recurring)

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Same as 'Basic Edition' and also:

Professional edition

$449 USD

One-Time (Not recurring)

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Same as 'Standard Edition' and also:
  • Search Locations
  • Terrains
    - 3D Points from elevation services, Contours, DTM, …
  • Data Grid palette
    - Interactive and synchronized
  • Export spatial data from ZWCAD to:
    - SHP, KML, PostGIS, etc. (show full list)
  • Select the entities to be exported
  • Extra exporting options: Handle, Layer, Coordinates, Length, Area, Elevation, Blocks properties and Attributes, Text and Hatches properties …
  • Filtering entities
  • Transformation of coordinates when exporting
  • 'Tasks' to replay one or more processes (batch processing)

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